It’s all happening!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnddddd….. We’re back! In the Arctic! For about five weeks! And this blog is back! I have a few ideas bouncing around for posts, and I’m sure more will come up as the season progresses, so stayed tuned.


For those wondering (Hi Mom!), here is a brief overview of where the Dunton lab and I will be until near the end of August:


Right now, Ken and I are in Prudhoe Bay to study the Boulder Patch. Fellow grad student Carrie and new lab-mate Thomas are somewhere in the Chukchi Sea collecting clams and chasing after walrus (or something – Carrie will be blogging here). At the end of July, Ken, Susan, and I will join Carrie aboard our old friend the Norseman II for another Beaufort Sea science cruise, hopefully with better weather luck than last year (*scientific knocking on wood*). Then, in mid-August, I will be in Kaktovik helping Carrie with Oceanography Science Camp. Fun fact – this is the opposite itinerary from mine last year and I’m thinking about a post on the dramatic seasonal differences you can observe up here even over the course of a month…


It’s going to be a busy summer – may it be storm-free and data-rich! Everything is going to be alright!

Awesome view of Denali on the flight from Anchorage to Deadhorse this morning

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