Science Camp Snapshot: Remotely Operated Vehicle

The theme for this year’s Kaktovik Oceanography Program was ‘Exploring our Oceans’. The idea was to expose students to both traditional and state of the art techniques and technologies that scientists use to make discoveries about the ocean.
Students Tulu, Cora, and Marcus and instructor Will pull in a seine net, one of the more ‘traditional’ tools used by scientists to figure out what’s in the coastal ocean. Photo credit: Cliff Stain
A very exciting tool we brought to Kaktovik this year is a remotely operated vehicle, or ROV. ROVs are used to explore the depths of the ocean, routinely discovering new species and geological features. You can even watch ROV livestreams: here and here (this is how CoolKids spend their Friday nights).


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Kaktovik students learned how to operate and drove the ROV around Kaktovik Lagoon. They came up with ideas on what they would want to explore with the ROV (sharks and shipwrecks were popular answers). This was one of the most memorable activities of the program, shown by the posters students put together at the end of the week.


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