Practical Skills and Experience

Oceanographic and water quality equipment, data quality control and analysis

  • RBR CTD, Star Oddi CTD, SeaFET, YSI datasonde, Lowell tiltcurrent meter, LiCOR PAR sensor and logger


  • Species identification – marine invertebrates, phytoplankton, macroalgae, vascular plants
  • Field methods for marine and terrestrial habitat assessment and community composition
  • Production modelling

Lab analyses

  • PCR and gel electrophoresis
  • Stable isotope collection and prep – biota, particulate and sediment organic matter, oxygen
  • Pigment extraction and spectrophotometric analysis

Data analysis and visualization

  • R, RStudio, RMarkdown
    • data processing
    • univariate and multivariate statistics
    • timeseries analysis
    • ecological modelling
    • data visualization (ggplot, leaflet)
    • package building for workflow automation
  • Python
    • data processing
  • ArcGIS
    • Map building
    • Spatial analyses


  • Small boat operation
  • Scientific diving (AAUS certified 2009)
  • Shipboard work
  • Sample collection
    • Macrophytes
    • Plankton
    • Epifauna
    • Infauna
    • Fish
    • Sediments
    • Pigments
    • Nutrients

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