Field Find Friday: Alaria esculenta

The Stefansson Sound Boulder Patch is the largest kelp bed on the Alaskan Arctic coast, but it is not the only one. On Wednesday, Katrin Iken, the Dunton brothers, and I took the RV Proteus east to to dive a small kelp bed in Camden Bay. This was my first time making this run and it wasContinue reading “Field Find Friday: Alaria esculenta”

Field Find Friday on a Sunday: Sea Raspberry coral

Did you know that coral lives in the Arctic? This is not a reef building coral, but a soft coral, called Gersemia rubiformis. This species also lives in the North Atlantic and North Pacific, as far south as North Carolina and California. Its close relatives live in the deep sea. Like a typical coral, eachContinue reading “Field Find Friday on a Sunday: Sea Raspberry coral”

Field Find Saturday: Sea Spider!

We finally had a long dive day yesterday! As part of our science outreach/ as a thank you to all the folks working where we are staying, we put up an aquarium of Boulder Patch critters. One of the animals we picked up for the aquarium was this guy: This is a pycnogonid, or sea spider.Continue reading “Field Find Saturday: Sea Spider!”

Field Find Friday: Clay!

Carrie, Ken, Cliff Strain, and I are back in Kaktovik for the summer science program with local students. This week, we have learned quite a lot about local geology by taking sediment cores and exploring local habitats. Kaktovik is located on Barter Island, adjacent to Kaktovik Lagoon, and some of our investigations involve asking howContinue reading “Field Find Friday: Clay!”

Field Find Friday*: Arctic Copepods

*yes, I posted this on a Saturday, but I wrote it on a Friday, so it counts This week’s Field Find are integral links in marine food webs: copepods! Copepods are zooplankton, animals that drift with the currents of the ocean. Other examples of zooplankton are jellies and krill. Numerically, these small crustaceans usually dominateContinue reading “Field Find Friday*: Arctic Copepods”

Field Find Friday: a Threefer

Welcome to Field Find Friday, where I highlight some neat things I found in the field that week. This is my third Friday in the field this year, but my first FFF post, so there are three finds!   Saduria entomon One of the most charismatic critters in the coastal Arctic Ocean, we find theseContinue reading “Field Find Friday: a Threefer”